Painted Truck Traffic v1.2


Mod adds truck traffic with over 200 skins of real companies.
For 1.4.x or higher.
Skins: TerRay, ScaniaLAD, Lorius, AJFV1998, Millsyb, Speedy66666,
harry, Sky76, JE80, KHAOS-XX, RCPHiL, harry,
S&S-Skinning, BartvHam, Trucker2011, MaxLowe, Bluemanc, stewowe,
Toft-N, Sparrow, DHL and others.

Included a little bonus: painted Opalin.



35 thoughts on “Painted Truck Traffic v1.2

  1. nice work again dude 🙂

  2. Harpiadriver

    Jazzycat, sou fã do seu trabalho , go staria de saber se este mod roda na versão 1.7.0s ?

    1. a versão 1.0 roda pq eu uso. Acho q não deve ter porque não funcionar agora.


  3. willy1962

    Thank you i`ve looking out for this upgrade with
    the new Volvo.

    1. All my pack now available here:

  4. SUPER, danke sehr schöne und gute Arbeit

  5. Well done, works like a charm!

  6. thx Jazzycat

    A question: In your tests still have any warning or error in game.log.txt? Mainly because outdated and old format of .pmg files ( Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\)

    TMS and some mods are killing me because of this. A lot of lags.

    thx since now.

    1. All models in my packs have new pmg-format.

      1. thx for answer

  7. Harpiadriver

    Thanks Theosz, a versão do pack de traylers dava erro de pmg obsoleto por isso retirei, vou testar esta versão.Theosz, retirei o TMS e JPM por causa destes erros, queria uma solução mas não sei mexer muito nos arquivos pmg, aqui dava erro direto até no envirolmente que coloquei, no mapa russo , tá tudo dando erro sim!!!

  8. Well. I think will works with

    -All Cabins and Chassis in AI Traffic v1.1 by willsslazio


    -Mega Traffic 4.6 by Jennenz

  9. i just need opalin skins
    but it’s okay, i downloaded all

  10. ManuBe1998

    and what i want you to delete the following DDS: By ohannes traber By ManuBe1998 By Manube1998

    I ask it because they do not have permission, it has legal consequence!
    Copyright, Mod steal …… Up to 3 years prison!

    Hteen you only have to ask!

    1. You have permission to use the trademark Peter Carter Haulage and Spedition Scheidweiler? No? Up to 3 years prison! For you.

      1. NO!!

        Scheidweiler and VÖGEL:

        1. Well no answer is also an answer.

  11. willy1962

    Dear Mr. Jazzycat ,
    may I ask a request to you ,

    Can you make only a log trailer / cargopack .
    its because I like all your log trailers very much.
    and I`m testing the trailerpacks for Vaarduar so I cannot put to many other trailerpacks in my mod map.
    and a log trailerpack won`t give any problems.

    you also may say what I have to delete from your trailer / cargo mod so that only the the log pack will last.

    I hope to hear something from you.
    Thanks in advance , and keep up your great works.


    1. Sorry. I have no time to make mods for individual orders. Realy.

  12. willy1962

    Thanks for reply , no problem.

  13. Great job with the skins for buses 😉

  14. abasstreppas

    A BIG thanks for the update of one of the best mods there is for ETS2. Jazzycat, don’t listen to the whiners, they don’t realise how much work there’s put in to this mod. It’s not locked and you’re not trying to make any money from it – you’re true modder of the community 😉

    Thanks again 😀

  15. Keith Hecht

    This is great information. Thank you for publishing this.

  16. The Player

    Is it work with eastern express map for 1.7.0 ?

  17. file:///C:/Users/timo/Desktop/ets2_00226.pngfile:///C:/Users/timo/Desktop/ets2_00225.png The Player: works with me but Reno perimium is broblem! i have Russian traffick mod! i dont nou this picture works?

  18. sorry i dont how works the picture? but two reno premium color is wrong!other trucks are ok!Jazzycatt is this bug? or is this Russian traffick mood chance two Reno perium color? sorry my bad English!

  19. john avgos

    one of the best mod!!works perfect with 1.71 many trucks with different colors makes the game more realistic,and buses are very beautiful..thanks very much!!!only the trailers not appear because I have a lot of mods of trailers in my game,and the game does not crash..

  20. Hi, is there a way of doing these skins driveable too?

  21. apferreira truckman

    Excellent job very good indeed, especially the buses
    with independent paintings were being missed, and a
    idea for future improvement, wait with the cars themselves scs ai traffic (do lods as was done with the bus) as an example merdeceds-benz, audi, cintroen and other large work hope you continue adding new improvements. (translator by google)

  22. i have noticed that the add on parts for the scania dont like too run properly (the sunshield is there anyway of getting rid of it) for those whos versions dont like it i am running

  23. Will you make an update for this so we can see it in ETS2 Update 1.8.X ? 🙂

  24. HeisterkampTrucker

    Hey Jazzycat
    Do you have the Heisterkamp skin for the scania ?

  25. James Turner

    can Jazzycat please contact me need help from you have idea but do not want to make public yet

  26. Will This Mod Work On v1.9.22

  27. Just tried it and it works on v1.9.22

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