Pakistan Truck Horns


While driving truck
Press H for standard horn and
Press N for Air horn

Authors: Awais Ahmed


10 thoughts on “Pakistan Truck Horns

  1. AlachAkbar

  2. nice but average

    1. bhaveshh97

      in which truck do u get this??

      1. Awais Ahmed

        in all trucks

  3. kindly make another horn pakistani and also try to make pakistan gilgit side road mod for game

  4. Abdullah Gaming

    WoW i didnt knew Pakistani people play ets2 too wanna be friends we would do a convoy mp? add me

  5. please provide ets2 valid or unblock product key I don’t have a key so i have not playing this game

    1. A simple trick for you
      disconnect from internet and then enter the code

      5N1RY 2ZT8T UFKS6 X27AT M2LY2

      important ; disconnect from internet everytime bofore starting ets 2

  6. darkshade

    kutti dia bachiya virus wali file rakhi hoi

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