Peeters skin for Scania R2008 v2


Skin from F.H. Peeters & Zn BV Montfort. The spoiler and side fenders
are fantasy, to make it look more badass _:]

This is my first truck skin, so there might be a few little mistakes,
but it works and looks good!

Lightbox is available as well on!

makers from the r2008 v2


6 thoughts on “Peeters skin for Scania R2008 v2

  1. Ik woon in montfort XD

  2. Bart van Ham

    Looks good! I know the driver very well 🙂

  3. I don’t use the 50keda, but this is some very nice reproduction. The sides-skirts look different, though.

  4. Yes I know, I tought this looked better though. Too bad they won’t listen to me and put this on the trucks here ^^

  5. He’s even got your sticker on one of his old cars if I’m not mistaking. I wanted to give you credit because I used your old skin for some parts but your old download was down and couln’t find your name 😉

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