Perfect Real Physics v 1.1


Mod Physics realistic Trucks & Trailers.

Changelog English:

– Adaptation to the new version of the game Patch 1.23.x or higher may have restrictions as SCS updates.
– Changes physical parameters Trucks and Trailers default the game and independent mods.
– Compatible with any map and environment package as well as trucks and trailers.
– Tested with lower versions of patch until version 1.17.xx may have restrictions.
– Added MOD Bonus Mini Mirrors.
– Adding new flare for traffic vehicles and vehicles with default player operating in independent MODS.
– Correction of obsolete parameters.
– Advisable set the MOD in top priority for its correct functioning.

For patch 1.23

Author: i9 Simulations


3 thoughts on “Perfect Real Physics v 1.1

  1. any video pls???? post link and tell us more about the physics

    1. i9 Simulations

      You will be able to observe the physical working on this MOD.

  2. no you cannot ! , i think if you were to be a dev at the physics department you wholdnt be able to visually see the diff between 2 physics sytems , cmon man ,throw some details just so we know what we looking 4 when we use it!

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