Performance Pack for Scania S 2017 (Engine+Gearbox+Fuel Tank) – 1.30.xx

/! Requires ETS2 1.30.xx or above /!

– 2920 HP engine, 14.000 Nm (0-2670 rpm)
– 6 speed dual-clutch gearbox (300 km/h)
– 5000 liter fuel tank (6×4 Long Chassis)

Only for Scania S 2017



4 Responses to Performance Pack for Scania S 2017 (Engine+Gearbox+Fuel Tank) – 1.30.xx

  1. Daniel says:

    OMG. Why people love these sh*tty mods? It’s not NFS, it’s a truck simulator…

    2920 HP engine, and 300km/h, jesus….

    • Ets2isforspeeding says:

      What is your problem? They bought the game, it’s their rules.

  2. Tuner75 says:

    Mod funktioniert gut ….

  3. Jazz says:

    Works fine.nice mod

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