Peru Map Maxi Zarich


He was determined to stop doing foreign maps and get to the map of Argentina , my beloved land of my birth . However , I received countless messages … and this was my answer.

Map of peru is my third work that I present here completely free and miss for me.

Lima. Huacho . Barranca . Supe


It works for versions 1.18.3 and 1.19

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Maxi Zarich


3 thoughts on “Peru Map Maxi Zarich

  1. parabens pelo mapa , estou no aguardo dele ser compativel e complemento para outros mapas , assim deixa o jogo cada vez melhor .obrigado

  2. MaxiZarich

    Eu disse muitas vezes que todo o meu trabalho acabou por vir juntos na maior parada dos EUA

  3. Nautilus_Pe

    I was waiting for a map of Peru, but there’s a lot unfinished, buildings floating or in the ground, signs floating, missing a lot more traffic, Lima is a nightmare to drive.
    Please spend more time on it to make it more of a challenge.

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