Peterbilt 362 in Traffic

Peterbilt-362-1 Peterbilt-362-2

More variety in traffic.
Peterbilt 362 cabover.
At this point, it is not the final version of the mod.
The traffic goes in alone and trailers.

* Compatible with other modes of traffic.

Version ETS2 1.24

Authors: SCS, Sib3rius, Improvements and changes to ETS2: groningen263

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2 Responses to Peterbilt 362 in Traffic

  1. Marcel1801 says:

    can you make in driveable please? so you can drive it yourself?


  2. Theosz says:

    manifest fixed:

    mod_package : .package_name
    package_version: “1.0”
    display_name: “Traffic – Peterbilt 362”
    author: “Sib3rius& Groningen263”

    category[]: “ai_traffic”

    icon: “mod_icon.jpg”
    description_file: “mod_description.txt”

    #compatible_versions[]: “1.24.*”


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