8 Responses to peterbilt

  1. Silvio says:

    Did not work in version 1.9.22

  2. A High Hamster says:

    files from older 18wos game funny the wait for this truck continues!

  3. edgar jesus aguilar says:

    haaa que rempaza

  4. george says:

    what dealer is the truck

  5. Silvio says:

    Posted a comment, polite, stating that this mod does not work in version 1.9.22. The comment was deleted. We can only praise? Even if the mod does not work?

    • edgar jesus aguilar says:

      pero en la versión tampoco por q lo acabo de colocar y no funciono…..

  6. ClassicDutchTrucker says:

    Haha, it’s even a non-converted .pmg file.
    Nice troll though, probably because it’s 1 april.

    It’s not even an Peterbilt xD

  7. paul says:

    well downloaded truck installed truck been to every dealer and hey presto the truck now where to be found

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