Piva Weather Mod v 5.1 NO HDR

Fixed NO HDR mod version.
Changed colors and fogs at sunrise/sunset, changed fog behavior, changed mat files of skybox model.
And I hope that I don’t forgot to add all needed skybox textures 😆

I’m sorry but version with HDR will be just technical update if SCS will change files structure. I don’t use HDR version more than year.

Pictures from main mod and overcast addon

SCS, Piva

DOWNLOAD 184 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 184 MB [Modsbase]

4 thoughts on “Piva Weather Mod v 5.1 NO HDR

  1. Bugs will be fixed tommorow.

  2. Bhagwant123

    Is compatible for ets2 v.

  3. Is it valid for the Russia map open spaces?

  4. Like+red+sky+at+night?

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