Pneumatic seat V.4

mall events to simulate lift.

In fact – it is a dynamic type of camera in the cabin, similar to the movement of pneumatic seats in real life.

Set a higher priority over other modifications.


Added support for new trucks
adaptacion for 1.30



Interesting videos

6 thoughts on “Pneumatic seat V.4

  1. I do not see the modologist I’m loading it

  2. doesn’t show in mods, rename Sead.scs to Pneumatic Seat.scs and it shows up, not tried the game yet with the mod active as only just found this out and wanted to let others know if it doesn’t show

    1. @dr_jaymz


  3. I renamed as you said but still not showing up in mod manager

  4. its fake mod

    1. Yes, you right. Comparing with the Original, which is much better.

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