Poland Rebuilding Addons Beta 1.0 (not finished)

Map Have Bugs (this is beta version)
Ver. 1.41.x

Xedos Wojtek ETS2


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7 thoughts on “Poland Rebuilding Addons Beta 1.0 (not finished)

  1. ItalianoGT

    Works with Poland Rebuilding?

    1. The name is obvious, it says add-on. Which means you must need Poland Rebuilding too in your mod folder before you can use this add-on.

  2. trak2988

    yes Works with Poland Rebuilding?

  3. TheNightgames

    This mod was stolen

  4. ItalianoGT

    Unfortunately it does not work with Southern Poland

  5. PL: Dla Sprostowania:
    Wersja Beta Wyszła z Winy Xedosa któremu nie chciało się prowadzić projektu ale dostał nagłej weny został przy projekcie
    Więc Nie piszcie do Poland Rebuilding że jesteśmy kopią i że kopiujemy znak towarowy Poland Rebuilding
    PL: For Correction:
    Beta version It was the fault of Xedos who did not want to run the project, but got a sudden inspiration, stayed with the project
    So do not write to Poland Rebuilding that we are a copy and that we are copying the Poland Rebuilding trademark

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