Police Escort v 1.3

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This is the new version of Police Escort V.1.3 (brazilian vehicle style).
Three police cars and a motorcycle protecting a special cargo/transfer of prisoners. See at the guy hanging in the car holding a gun.
Fully functional!

* Reduced PMG!

To ETS2 1.28.X

Observation: lane type: motorway and local.

Please, see the description and credits file to see credits of contributors.

JL Truck



3 thoughts on “Police Escort v 1.3

  1. GGGoulart

    Está de Parabéns, excelente trabalho e criatividade.
    Selo de aprovação banhado no azeite!!!

  2. What the hell has this video to do with the Police ###### v 1.3 mod?

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

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