Policia SR AI Traffic Mod

Policia-SR-AI-Traffic-Mod-1 Policia-SR-AI-Traffic-Mod-2

Policia SR Mercedes Benz C Class AI Traffic Car
You can find this AI only on Slovakia ingame



8 thoughts on “Policia SR AI Traffic Mod

  1. Sarkissian

    It says only a police car but a lot of other cars in this mod that I already have in my game from other mods.
    Also screws up my country traffic!
    Not gonna install this!

    1. Just 2 😉 I put it in little car pack 😉 for more cars in AI.

      1. niknor2015

        Подскажите мне. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА? Как Вы Прописываете модели для трафика в Определённую Страну ( например, – в Словакию )? СПАСИБО!!!

  2. Paťo 735

    ešte je na akých detailoch popracovať ..

  3. You kid??? You using another mod?? ######…

    1. I don´t use another mod 😉 Car is putted in car pack with BMW X6M and Chopper for more AI cars 🙂 Another cars is origo SCS.

  4. thx for sharing.

    please make a update to v1.16.

    This mod still uses speed and and speed_class settings, outdated since ETS2 v1.9!

  5. niknor2015


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