R.I.P Paris Trailer


R.I.P Paris Trailer Skin

Authors: Daniel Skitt, SCS


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3 thoughts on “R.I.P Paris Trailer

  1. That’s happening all because of the wrong politics..I’m sorry for poor inocent people who doesn’t deserve to die like that,but ONLY politics is responsible for that..and whole Europe will very soon feel the big pain just like Paris did..

  2. Adrian G.

    Unfortunatelly yes, all of us will suffer the consequences of their actions and inactions.

  3. Faelandaea

    I support Paris, and I feel bad for what happened but … I think a different name could have been titled for this posting. RIP makes it sound like the whole city has been nuked and the terrorists won. They didn’t win. They just pissed off the wrong ###### people finally. But how we word things, even if the intent is good, can unintentionally make it seem like the bastards DID win. Maybe change this to “We Support Paris Trailer” and not “R.I.P. Paris”.

    Though .. I do hope that those who DID lose their lives there rest in peace indeed. Except for the suicide terrorists involved … may their souls never, ever rest.

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