Raba 832, S22, IFA Mega Mod

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Hello !
This is my first way, I know it has bugs, but I said to try it, it’s the first veris, let’s get to the details:

This mode includes RABA 832 and S22 but also IFA
Available cabins: 832 and S22
Available chassis: 832 4X2,6X4 / 2,6X2 / 2
IFA 4X2, Tandem
S22 4X2,6X4 / 2Tandem, 6X2 / 2
Available Motors: OM 403 Natural Inspiration V10
V10 OM 403X Italien Version 17,4L
OM 404 Natural Inspiration V12
V8 OM 422A
Scania V8 750
V8 OM 442A
V8 OM 700A
Volvo 750A
Available Transmissions: ZF-5 S-110 GP 8spd + crowl
ZF-5 S-110 GP 16spd
MB SK 16 Gang ZF
ZF 16 S160 3.45
ZF 16 S160 4.46
Tuning Options



37 thoughts on “Raba 832, S22, IFA Mega Mod

  1. All files from 2016 !!!

    1. I worked 2 year’s at this truck’s theseses is my first truck’s,But I left the project for a year and re-emerged in 2017.Don’t comment with files

      1. Do not pay attention to the Cruise, he does not understand how difficult it is, he knows how to reupload someone else’s mods

  2. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. Cruise
      All files from 2016 !!!

      jorgent97 says:
      Hd video 1.30…


      1. Look at date of files. If you may read.

        1. I worked 2 year’s at this truck’s theseses is my first truck’s,But I left the project for a year and re-emerged in 2017.Don’t comment with files,you don’t read comment’s ?

          1. hey alex can u tell me where can i find the .scs file???

    2. bad video

      1. Bad comment from an equally bad user.

  3. Very bad mod.

  4. GamerLionfish

    Very cool mod. While I do see some things that need to be corrected, the mod is pretty good, plus it is a new mod which is probably largely in Beta mode. Give it some time.

  5. Oskar1104

    Nice Mod!

  6. Béla Rácz

    Nagyon jó Mod! Már rég óta vártam egy Rába vagy IFA Modra. Itt és ott még van egy pár hiba, de egy idő után bisztos heljre hozod! Üdv Svájcbol

  7. Ghostheijink

    Comes for the Raba S22 (DAF) even better interior ?

    1. I try to remodel the mod,i try this project has started 2 year’s ago

  8. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. Stefan Schmitz

      Wie installiert man den mod

  9. Hey, nice mod you got there. If you give permission, u can edit some parts, help you to make it better. If you say so.
    I’m a modder from India, just started to learn stuff about ets2 modding and know some ways to work with zmod and blender. Good day.

    1. *I

      1. Hi LynxKris how can I contact you? I’m looking for a modder that can help me to convert a truck into ets2…

    2. Yes i give my permission

  10. Warum ist das Lenkrad und die Lenksäule unter dem Auto.

  11. Nice one, man. Finally something new in the mod community! I’ve read that you’re working at this mod for 2 years and that’s great. I hope the interior is going to be changed in the next few releases because playing with this truck right now, it ruins the driving experience. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  12. Very nice mod! You can be proud of your first work 🙂

  13. how install this mod ? i find too many folders when i should post it ?

    1. Ghostheijink

      The ZIP file in your mod folder Move and activate in the modmanger
      You find the truck at the Mercedes dealer

  14. @dr_jaymz

    love the engine sound

    1. Thank’s

  15. Stefan Schmitz

    Wie installiert man den mod

  16. Na baszki…
    Na pont ezért nem fogom a következő verziót megosztani.
    Már vagy 3 helyen láttam viszont, de egyik helyen sem volt annyi az emberekben hogy az igazi készítők nevét oda írják.


    Ui: legközelebb azért írd át a “manifest” file tartalmát mert látom arra már nem volt tudás 😀

    Üdv: earl

    1. I editet this truck 🙂

    2. hogyan tudnám ezt telepíteni? Az egész ZIP fájlt áthúztam a mód mappába, keresem a Merci kereskedésbe de semmi.

    3. KampóRambó

      Hello akkor te vag yaz eredeti mod készítője. Te raktad ki a Hungarokamion facebook oldalra és létszi csináld tovább ezt a modot pls.

  17. Rafiipowa

    Are you from Hungary?

  18. Please load the IFA W 50 Template up!

  19. where is the .scs file..cant find it

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