Race Mod – Racing Gear v 1.0


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This mod includes Racing Gear for: Scania R, Scania Streamline, Volvo FH 16 Classic, MAN, Majestic, Iveco Hiway Trucks

With this gear, the acceleration is massively improved and are much higher speeds possible. Depending on the truck 170 to over 200 km/h

Author: milcat



3 thoughts on “Race Mod – Racing Gear v 1.0

  1. you just dont get it ets2 is not a race

  2. after playing for dozen or 2 hours driving only around 60 does get dull. with around 30+ drivers

    after trying a tuned peterbuilt from tugatunning with a speed mod and no traffic certainly makes things more interesting

    Don’t know how I made it stop giving me tickets, don’t have a mod for it

    Off topic. having to watch a ad to post a comment is a ##### move.

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