Range Rover – Luxury SUV

Range-Rover-1 Range-Rover-2

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RANGE ROVER for 1.24.x & 1.23.x Versions Game

– Standalone, dealer Mercedes
– Interior
– 2 chassis (common and underestimated)
– Engine
– Transmission (6ST)
– Sound
– Wheels (4 variants of discs 2 variants of tires (winter and summer))
– Tunning (hitch, different interior trim options, options for layout and color tint of the roof and grille, headlights interchangeable)
– Paint.
– Partial support DLC Cabin Accessories

Author: NiceModder, Diablo




7 thoughts on “Range Rover – Luxury SUV

  1. Hello person appropriated the mod and zapomnila by other authors as you can remove it greet is already on ets2.lt released this mod

  2. Thank you!
    Nice work! 🙂

  3. Виктор

    неверный автор!!!

  4. It+says+mercedes+truck+dealer..but+it+not+appear+in+mercedes+dealer??how+can+i+find+it??which+dealer??

  5. can the park sensors work!!!!

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