Ravitex 2019 Trailer

Replace Krone Profiliner



5 thoughts on “Ravitex 2019 Trailer

  1. Can you make your Trailers please Standalone? 🙂

    1. hansetrans

      its only a skin – lol – the trailer is scs krone profiliner – nothing special – next time better think before u write ####

      1. And before you do, what you like: blame Peoples, look at the Description !
        Wenn Du das Einzige machst, was Du anscheinend kannst: andere Leute anmachen, blöde Antworten geben und beleidigen, sieh Dir mal die Superbeschreibung an ! LOL

    2. alexandrusava93

      in future , i want to make this skin for original trailer’s .. not for krone or schwarzmueller .. but standalone i can’t .. sorry

    3. alexandrusava93

      Hi ! I make again Ravitex trailer skin for standard trailers. NO DLC needed . Check my mods 😉 search : alexandrusava93

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