Real Advertisements v 1.6

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Real Advertisements mod has been updated to version 1.6!

What’s new with v1.6

*Some ads in Italy and France have been replaced by new ones.

General Description

The mod that changed the advertisements on the billboards in the streets of France, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

211 different ads including various companies and organizations were added.

To be realistic; advertising slogans were usually arranged according to the language of the country where they are located. Also local companies, organizations and cultural structures of the countries were taken into consideration.

Sinagrit Baba


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3 thoughts on “Real Advertisements v 1.6

  1. Works with ProMods 1.40?

  2. excellent work !

    … not sure ProMods released a 1.40 …but latest 2.40 it works without issues (on ets2 1.34.x)

  3. Hi i want to contact! any way how ??

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