Real Company Logo v 2.2 Fix

Real Company Logo

Fix to real company logo mod for ETS2 1.19, fix must load after mod

Author: satan19990

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8 thoughts on “Real Company Logo v 2.2 Fix

  1. Très beau travail, mais il manque les remorques, Dommage

    Bonne continuation

  2. please fix few remaining default oil and tree company in norway and sweden. and could yuo skin the gas stations too

  3. Bsr le mods on px le mettre sr la v.

  4. DieselPower

    I really like this mod, but I have a problem with him, here’s a link to my screenshot, there can see what happens when i put the mod, appear red objects places such as lights, road signs and buildings fragments, please help !! !! 🙁

    Link to my screen shot in game :

    1. DieselPower

      There are the link to my screenshot :

  5. Satan19990, could you make a clean/resume version with OnlY warehouses ? This version has anothers bildings mod like gas stations, recruit signs, rest places, dealer service, trailers… and I use another mods to this things

    sometimes is usefull get a huge pack but sometimes is better modular things because I need replace again to my mods

    if I can do a suggestion, please, create a mod to each thing.

  6. shocker1906

    I have a problem with this mod and fix for him.
    Everytime I want to enable it and click “attach changes” system says that the game is crashed…
    What can I do with it?
    Please help :/

  7. Thanks works like a charm in combination with ProMods+RusMap.

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