Real European Companies (by Tamiel18) v1.0


Real European Companies (by Tamiel18) v0.7

Mod tested on v1.24.x
New companies has similar or identical activities as companies in the base game.
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Mod replace following companies:

Tree-ET – JAF
Tradeaux – DB Schenker
Kaarfor – Carrefour
SellPlan – Aldi
WGCC – Lanxess
NBFC – Ineos
Ika Bohag – Ikea
Stokes – Europa Worldwide
Transinet – Ceva
EuroGoodies – Nagel-Group
ITCC -Sandvik
LKW – Dachser
Sanbuilders – Bilfinger
Scout – Skoda
BCP – Caterpillar
Posped – DHL
Trameri – BKP
Steinbruch – Euromines
EuroAcres – BayWa
GNT – Freja *
Renar Logistik – DSV *
Drekkar Trans – ColliCare *
Norrsken – Eurobulk *
MS stein – Norsk Stein *
Nordic Stenbrott – Swerock *
Vitas Power – Vestas *
NS Oil – Statoil *
Polaris Lines – DFDS *
Bjork – Norrskog *
Sag & Tre – Sodra *
NS Chemicals – AkzoNobel *
Nordic Crown – Danish Crown *
Agronord – Danish Agro *
Konstnorr – Veidekke *
Norrfood – Netto *
Aria – Arla Foods *
Polar Fish – Marine Harvest *
BHV – Bilia *
Container Port – Maersk *

* Scandinavian DLC

Changes v0.7 to v1.0
-added Polar Fish – Marine Harvest
BHV – Bilia
Container Port – Maersk
-change Nagel-Group bulding sign
-fixed Arla livestock trailer skin

NOTE: I don’t own any of the logos, they are copyrighted products of different owners.

Tamiel18, SCS Software


5 thoughts on “Real European Companies (by Tamiel18) v1.0

  1. Not found Maersk company.

  2. Maersk (Container Port) is located in Esbjerg or Oslo. Do not produce any goods (only accept) and not have trailer.

  3. Canarinho

    Hi Tamiel18, The Nagel-Group Icon in your Mod by small icons is 256×64 pixel, but it must be 128×32 pixel. In Job List it is to big when you drive with Navi to Nagel-Group to selectet Job. Can you fix this or tell me how i must save dds. file. What compression must i use to save this?

    1. Canarinho

      ITCC -Sandvik the same.

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