Real Traffic Density addon for Hungary Map

Place my mod above the main traffic density mod and above all Hungary map files.
more details on my thread on scs forum
and on Hungary map thread



9 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density addon for Hungary Map

  1. Thanks buddy!!!

  2. The map of Hungary has a version for 1.32? What is the link? Thank you.

  3. yes it’s available and works well! the link for Hungary map is in my description 😉

    1. Hello Cipinho, I only see the link of: HUNGARY_MAP v0.9.28a [1.27] (updated: 12.04.17) [REL]. I do not see anything related or the link of 1.32.

      1. I posted some links but will go through approval, just scroll that thread until the last 3-4 pages and you will have a download link for the map files, also please download my addon again from the same place as this has an error

      2. UPDATE for Hungary Map 0928a Hotfix & New AI by Indian56 for Ets2 1.32.x link:

        BASE mod link:

  4. yes, but you need to go to the latest posts
    here I found it

  5. sorry it was an error in the addon for Hungary, please download it again from this link:
    sorry for the inconvenience !

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