Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.34.a

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Changelog v1.34.a:
-updated manifest
-added few safety rules to reduce accidents
-tweaked spawn numbers of sport and classic cars (works only if you applied the title modification above in the sport and classic car packs)



12 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.34.a

  1. The for updating to 1.34 of your very nice mod. Simply the best !!


    why my game crash when i click play ?


      no it’s working now , everything is ok good modification

  3. Thanks for the update, lately I don’t see tractors on the highway anymore.
    A question, you who are very good in traffic mods and can add krone trailers to the traffic with the new skins, I tried my krone trailer but I crash the game or it doesn’t work you could give me an idea? you are free not to answer thanks.

    1. I applied a rule in 1.33 to wipe tractors from freeway but it will disappear when freeway starts (game limitation)
      sorry but I do not own the Krone DLC, what you have seen in my videos are Krone BDF from a mod

      1. ok thanks for the reply you were very kind
        and I’m sorry if I break your ##### from time to time.
        for now I have not found any problem with your mod.
        Buona notte

  4. Calliandr

    Ваш мод на трафик самый лучший НО на Русских картах работает криво,Русмап-Юг-Казахстан трафик иногда может застыть на месте посреди автобана, много слишком аварий на Русских картах на развязках и при перестроение.
    Попробую новую версию или буду искать аналог.

    1. freezing traffic on freeway is because of ghost road events, my mod don’t cause that.
      in my 1 hour 12 minutes uncut video you will not see any accident 🙂 in other maps if there are accidents it’s the fault of the prefab used in those maps.
      I play also Eastern Express, RusMap and ROS and I did not see major issues 😉

  5. jose carlos diaz

    Gracias por la actualización. La estaba esperando. Es el unico mod de tráfico que utilizo, me parece muy bueno. Sigan adelante y de nuevo Gracias

  6. spartacus33

    I just say a big Thank You Bro…. same as usual !!!
    You doing a perfect work with this mod, sure…
    Thx to all your other mods …

  7. Why+is+their+so+many+foregin+trucks+in+Norway?+can’t+see+any+regional+trucks+:/

  8. There appears to be a major flaw to this updat in that it deletes ALL the AI police cars, can you fix please, Malc.

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