Real Traffic Density v 1.1 by Cip

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v1.1 changelog
– traffic density was very slightly reduced overall with the goals of reducing at maximum the license plates depleted warnings and increase performance on slower PCs
– some LP warnings will still appear inevitably in cities and on large motorways but only at rush hours
– average PCs will run smoothly at 60 fps anytime and no crash at loading

If you have a performant PC you may keep the previous version, but if you have experienced frequent game crash just after loading (because lack of CPU/RAM) you will definitely appreciate this updated v1.1

check the readme file inside the archive for the full description



14 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density v 1.1 by Cip

  1. Thank you, it’s very good, congratulations! ^^

  2. Adrian G.

    Excellent work, dude. Even better, your initial release was as close as the real life thing I deal with on the road almost every work and weekend days, keep it up.

  3. hi, my game is crashing when mod is activated. no idea why. btw what do you mean by the ‘load order’. i figure that might be the reason why it crashes

  4. Update: It has nothing to do with the load order. So there must be something wrong in between. I followed the procedures correctly. Any idea?

    1. Adrian G.

      Did you try placing his traffic mod above the other AI traffic mods, like for example Jazzycat’s ?

      Load order is the key here.

      Real Traffic Density 1.1 by cipinho should be higher than the map mods, if you’re using just vanilla or Promods or other addons maps, procedure still applies, higher than the maps, try it and see if gives you any trouble in the future.

      On my PC his traffic density works like a charm, also waiting for a stronger more packed computer, but for now, this will suffice.

      Happy trucking.

  5. a traffic density mod can only crash the game if the PC is not powerful enough to support the loading of all requested traffic spawn and frequency.
    It has happened to me with version 1.0 activated but no longer with this one where I set lower numbers.
    if still crashes, you can try with less traffic mods (keep only Jazzycat mods) and as a last solution you can reduce the spawn numbers in traffic_lane.sii
    Good luck!

    1. Adrian G.

      Good to know, however even with your previous version on my computer no crashes occured, some RAM drains maybe, but that was all.

      1. thanks Adrian, good to know! maybe you have a better PC… I had some issues with an i7 4770 at 3,4 Gh and 8 Gb RAM and a video card GTX960.
        in fact the video card is almost always at 99% and about 75°C while playing so I suspect it for my crashes… maybe I need an upgrade 😉

        1. Adrian G.

          I wish I had a better PC at the moment, but I have a slightly inferior one, because I did some modifications recently, it behaves just like a more powerful one, both versions look great on my current backup computer but let’s get back to topic, shall we ?

          What you did is a terrific job and it made the AI traffic density from SCS look like babies in their pajamas.

          Keep on truckin’ and best of luck with your new projects.

  6. Adrian G.

    P.S. If you assemble your own PC, buy only the stuff that you want, you can have a dream PC with no extra money to waste away.

    Mine was assembled by a good friend of mine, besides this computer’s age, it still kicks, doesn’t stop for a minute, I criticize only the RAM technology which is a very good kick in my stomach, only DDR1 instead of DDR3 or DDR4, but my next piece of machinery is on its way and soon will be here at home.

  7. Thank you Adrian, I don’t mind for the “off-topic” , in fact it’s my mod therefore should be considered my topic as well, right? 🙂
    Meanwhile I received a confirmation from a friend that with my traffic mod he has no license plates errors in MhaPro, ProRus, EAA and very little in Vanilla.
    there are errors in ROS map with any traffic mod activated, this I tested myself 😉
    P.S. Adrian, from your messages talking about PCs , and from your good english, I can conclude 99% that you are from Romania 😉

    1. Adrian G.

      Actually from Slovenia with some croatian origins, but who really cares these days, we learn English at an early age in our elementary schools, guess it stuck with me perfectly after finishing eight years of that school, I was always a 5+ pupil.

      I’m also very active on the official Promods forum, those guys really know quality and being part of the forum and to participate on it, makes me happy, I’m sure no other ETS2 modding forum greeted me so well and invited so many people from all over the world.

      While some people in my vicinity can talk nothing else than politics and gossip, I participate in the more challenging and intellectual. Thank you for your kind compliments as well.

      Stay nice, stay sharp.

      1. I would say that scs forum is also very good, I am more active there. besides from time to time you get some answers directly from the scs people 😉


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