Reale Company Scandinavien v 1.3

Reale Company Scandinavien-1 Reale Company Scandinavien-2

Here are three new companies
Tested with DLC Scandinavia 1.17,1.18 and TSM 6.0 I can not say if they are running in the Promod.

Sag_tre – Andasa
Renar – Polar logistics
BHV – DSV. (DSV was accidentally in it, ready now)

Author: Dombro

DOWNLOAD 21 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 21 MB [Sharemods]

2 thoughts on “Reale Company Scandinavien v 1.3

  1. Nice MOD idea!. Revolution?!. Motorcycles in ETS2 ->

  2. GustavRhan

    can not wait for your next update

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