Realistic Driving and Physics for all Trucks v 3.0

– new braking strengh (If you want change in menu intensity)
– new slow speed brake (low)
– new clutch strengh
If you want new modification , any problems post in comentary (reply) Thank you !

– fix driving in curves
– fix air presure brake
– new movement

– realistic brake
– realistic acceleration
– realistic movement in curves
– realistic physics

It’s perfect to play with HardCore mode ( if you want , not necessary)
PS : I am a truck driver and I know who a truck driving and who it move.
Don’t reupload and don’t change donwload link and author !



16 thoughts on “Realistic Driving and Physics for all Trucks v 3.0

  1. Kirill_073


  2. Work for scania RJL v2.1?

    1. Hi. Works with my RJL Scania R730 🙂

  3. Test

  4. The cabin tilts too much in curves that is not realistic.

  5. Blood_War

    bjr moi jai eu un probleme consernent les vitesse, quand je passe les vitesse la cabine bouge dans tous les sensece qui fais faire des degat et du coute jai enleve le mods :/

  6. Is the fuel consumption problem fixed? Because on straight road, it says 0.0/100km

  7. The mod works with my RJL Scania R70, but iit’s not good due to excessive cabin movement. With the default DAF Euro 6 it was hopeless. The cabin movement is more than excessive, witch makes the truck unstable to drive. In a bend (not tight) driving in 70 km/h the truck tilted and rolled over.
    The good thing for me is that the mod works very well with my favorite truck, Ohaha Volvo FH 2013. The improvements from release 2.0 to 3.0 made my day 🙂

    1. PS! I took now the same bend as where the DAF rolled over with my Ohaha Volvo FH16 2013, and now in 80 km/h. It was on the limit when it comes to movement of cabin, but the truck was still stable to drive 🙂 🙂

  8. @Robert125 hi could you make better physics cascadia 2018? this truck need really some first aid.

  9. It’s not real .. Sorry, but silentblok on cockpit is jumpy as goat ..

  10. can you put 1800 Degrees?

  11. Max Romeo

    Hi Robert125,

    First of all I would like to say thank you for your wonderful mod. As you can recall I commented on the V2 of the mod and I had noted that you fixed the issues mentioned earlier. In V3, the changes I would want is for you to reduce the cabin shake. The cabin shakes and movements in V2 were awesome, kindly have it effected in V3 as well. The truck shakes alot in V3 which is not the case in reality. Try making the shaking more smooth. In V2 you almost nailed it with the cabin shake.

    Another improvement that I would want will be to make the truck realistically accelerate i.e. You can feel the weight of the trailer. Heavy Realistic Physics V2 by Big Russian Bear has achieved it. Also when you are loaded with a trailer, the RPM tends to drop faster when the throttle is not pressed. Kindly have it fixed/improved.

    An honest point of view and comment from a real life truck driver. Happy Trucking.

  12. rht austria

    good when you use a map….like promods its clear that sometimes you cant drive that miles on a road the signs allowed you.

    so after trying v 3.0 and producing some rollovers too with rjl scania ill go back to v 2.0 – perfect
    ok the rpm and that other stuff….but for first the realistic feeling of driving and cab shaking is important(to me)
    so from my side thank you for an awesome mod
    greets from austria

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