Realistic Driving Mod v 2.2


– Realistic Suspension
– Real gear ratios
– Real truck masses
– Improved drivability
– New gearboxes

Changelog from v 2.1:
– Added gearbox options for DAF XF Euro 6
– Modified rear axle damping value to account for native changes in the game code and for a better experience with lifted-axle chassis
– Compatibility with Euro Truck Simulator 2 v 1.14 Patch

Author: nfshp253


29 thoughts on “Realistic Driving Mod v 2.2

  1. Video please.

    1. You can view the demo here (of the last version):

    2. samitha kumara

      Step by step how to download the game

      1. samitha kumara

        Step by step how to download the game

  2. TeddyBear

    video pls?

  3. Eighty-VI

    Video pls…

  4. Nimeni_Altu

    were is the patch v1.14???

  5. MorelyQC92

    nothing happen for me

    1. sorry this is not the movie

  6. Does this mod work better than the last one. Driving the truck was not realistic at all and it felt like it was going to flip over turning a corner! \
    Be nice if someone could come up with a more realistic mod where we actually felt the roads, bumps etc. Game can get boring driving on the highway with none of the normal road imperfections that are part of everyday driving. More traffic would be great also.

    1. This is slightly more stable but you must understand that these trucks are about 9+ tons and have a high centre of gravity. It is not possible to turn at more than 90km/h without expecting the truck to roll. That will be unrealistic.

  7. How to install this mod? is not archive scs from mods carpet, Thanks.

  8. hello, how to install this mod?, is not archive scs from the carpet mod, Thanks.

  9. You can view the demo here (of the last version):

  10. To assert that it is “not possible” for a truck to “turn at more than 90km/h without expecting the truck to roll” is untrue and negates the more complex factors that contribute to how fast a truck can safely take a corner.

    It is possible to safely take corners at +90km/h in real life (which is legal here in Australia), likewise it is possible to roll a truck at half that speed if the road is heavily banked (some exit ramps for example).

    I suggest you drive a truck in real life before pretending to know what is and is not possible.

    1. Maybe I should rephrase what I said. It is possible to turn, but not very sharp corners without slowing down. Some examples include those windy German autobahns (ironic, isn’t it?).

      Yes, I have never driven a real truck but I feel that this is a good effort at interpreting its motions and I hope you will download it and give it a try.

  11. This mod is good for those who has wheel, but sadly sux with keyboard. :/

  12. I find this mod great, the speed limitation in taking corners is almost realistic. Better than vanilla or other mods. Keep up the good work!

  13. xFranciB_

    Dropbox – 404

    1. xFranciB_

      Ok, resolved!

  14. Erwin cares

    Okay i AM completes

  15. Heng Teng

    drive me to firenze

  16. Heng Teng

    no way

  17. says dropbox -404

  18. Halo may naems Akam

  19. samitha kumara

    Step by step how to download the game

  20. There+is+a+dropbox+404+error+pleas+freakin’+fix+your+####

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