Realistic Fuel Prices Week 13


Week 13 Update:
– Every fuel station is updated to the gas price of today (22th of March)
– New icon for the mod
– Added fuelprices for the next maps:
Russian Open Spaces Map – Mod
Complicated Roads Map – Mod
Serbia Map – Mod
Argentina Map – Mod
RusMap – Mod

Author: Jurriuuh


3 Responses to Realistic Fuel Prices Week 13

  1. Shogoon1984 says:

    Will you put the Countries from the TSM Map in it?

    • Jurriuuh says:

      They’re added in the mod. I’ll update the TSM files next week.

  2. mohammed says:

    how can i put these all mods in euro truck simulator 2 V 1.16.2 .. I don’t know how can i do it?

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