Realistic Garage


– New parking of vehicles Ai
– 2 Scania and swap on the site
– Repair ramp with truck and trailer in the hall

Authors: SCS Software, Scania730Fahrer ( GhostTrucker88 ), scheffi


3 thoughts on “Realistic Garage

  1. there is 2 Scania but just as AI in parking lot, cant see how can we swap.
    To be realistic it should be our trucks inside the garage (when no driver) and we could see them.
    There is a repair site but cant use it.

    In Big garage we have 5 entrance, we should use them when no truck in the spot, like in real life, and when inside have the hability to swap.
    That would be realistic, see our trucks park there and we should also have a repair site.

    Maybe on day some one will make a MOD for that.

  2. donwload 12,1 mb!! nooooo 36 mb

  3. Scaniadriver

    good work guys…that is what we need 🙂
    but…does this work with tsm map?

    greets scaniadriver

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