Realistic Graphics Mod v 1.7.8 [1.27.x]

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Added flares
bug fixed
Realistic Graphics Mod v1.7.8 (1.27.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
Features mod:
• First graphic mod in ETS 2 Workshop.
• Completely new flares.
• Realistic light reflections.
• Completely new skybox(Moon added.)
• Improved graphics.
• Realistic road textures.
• Running operation without errors.
• SGate’s weather mod included.
You can turn off the High Dynamic Range(HDR) option in graphics settings of game for more colorful-brightness night driving.

Frkn64, Sgate, abastepass


13 thoughts on “Realistic Graphics Mod v 1.7.8 [1.27.x]

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Ageratos125rus

    Than this mod differs from IWR r8?Nor what

  3. for promods addon 1.7.8 pls

  4. Does the synonymous with the ProMod ????

  5. The beacon have errors that glow colorful

  6. Frkn64-Modding

    Don’t download the mod from that link. Stolen link. I will share official mod.

    1. Leif Knudsen

      Frkn64-Modding. Where is your mod for Graphics Mod ?? I’m more secure with you.

    2. PolishDriverTruck

      I thought because I did not find it in the SCS forum
      The steam is updated

      1. Frkn64-Modding

        Leif Knudsen, I will share version 1.7.9 of the mod on this site tomorrow.
        PolishDriverTruck, Please change the mod link in your video when I shared official mod.

        1. Leif Knudsen


          Thank you 🙂

  7. Prosze Pomocy

    How to install?

  8. Awsome

  9. is it possible for version 1.26?

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