Realistic Russian highways 3.1

I am rebuilding all standard SCS’ interchanges on Rusmap and modifying highways to real number of lanes. Then I will rebuild all wrong custom interchanges, then good custom interchanges with wrong number of lanes.
There are 2 version: Non-Promods, but compatible with Promods, and Promods version with Better traffic flow for Rusmap.
Only Rusmap is required and, logically, Rusmap and Promods for Promods version.
Unlike non-Promods version, Promods version has a bit more realistic interchanges and roads, including more semaphores, where are in real life, and very realistic navigation signs on some roads.
Better traffic flow Rusmap contains Promods version because it is more realistic than original Rusmap, so you don’t have to use both mods.
I didn’t made Better traffic flow for non-Promods version because you must use Promods assets for full benefit.

Brainiac, FLD

DOWNLOAD 116 MB Promods version
DOWNLOAD 54 MB Standart version

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2 thoughts on “Realistic Russian highways 3.1

  1. 100floors

    Hello, Brainiac and FLD? I want report a bug.
    When I use this mod(Promods version) with Promods, in almost every roundabouts, ai cars on the second lane teleport to the first lane.
    This bug is tested on new & old profile.
    Please check it and fix, and sorry for my English, thanks.

    1. Sorry, I saw comment too late. Download new version.

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