Realistic Traffic Light

Realistic Traffic Light (1) Realistic Traffic Light (2)

– Amber in all traffic light
– Off in night day

Tested in 1.16.x
But if you have tasted in other version can tell me. So other people can use this mod

Author: Josh


25 thoughts on “Realistic Traffic Light

  1. WOW! Very interesting idea! I’ll test it tonight in 1.18 and I’ll tell you more about it. So, congratulations for this wonderful idea and keep up the great and hard work!

  2. Forget meaning off in night day this just flashing yellow . but I will try to off traffic light without flashing yellow .

  3. Good job thanks.

  4. NuttyFiber23

    in real life, do lights go off at night? it feels unsafe for it to go off

    1. No off just flashing yellow, in my country traffic light is off sometime just flashing yellow

      1. Hedegaard

        Here in Denmark, the traffic lights work as normal during the night..
        There is no difference between day and night… only in the frequency of how often it changes.. depending on the traffic.

  5. peter8600dk

    never seen that traffic light turn of at night. Am playing ETS2MP (Multi Player) where Traffic light flashes yellow at night (clock 23:00-06.:00) it is pretty unsafe to scross a traffic section.

  6. Huicediufhefduifh

    Nice english thooooo

    1. Light go on night day off traffic no stop believe traffic.
      This makes a nice sequence of words, so what is wrong with this approach to English expressions? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Great job, Josh! I tested in 1.18, but till now I saw only yellow lights flashes during the night. Maybe depend of type of semaphore.
    Anyway, with or without yellow light flashing during nights, I like it so much your mod, because it’s like in real life (at least in my country, when sometimes, during nights, the traffic light it’s turned off or it’s only yellow light flashes)… Congratulations for your great idea and for your hard work!

  8. Well this is intresting! But in Sweden and rest of Scandinavia, The traffic lights never goes of at night! They go in to night mode and have constant red light but when a car comes by. it only turns green for that car in its lane and after goes back to red light again.

    1. For Scandinavia you’ll need to update both files inside his mod, because they’re made for 1.16 version. ;)… Just copy both files from default ETS 2 “def” folder (semaphore_model and semaphore_profile) and at last one, you’ll need to add at each semaphore (or only at a few; by your taste) the following lines:
      sleep_time_start: 1410 # 23:30
      sleep_time_end: 180 # 03:00
      You can modify the time by your taste.
      Also you can modify and play with numbers, by your taste, from each semaphore:
      interval[]: (15.0, 2.0, 23.0, 2.0)

      cycle: 4
      cycle[0]: 0.0
      cycle[1]: 21.0
      cycle[2]: 0.0
      cycle[3]: 21.0
      For instance, if you’ll change all above values with zero, then you’ll have at that type of semaphore a “broken” light (no lights) even during the day, like in real life when that semaphore it’s broken. So, the AI traffic will have the same behavior like in Josh mod: they’ll follow only the semaphore signs. ;)…
      Also, if you’ll modify the numbers, something like this, for instance:
      interval[]: (8.0, 1.0, 10.0, 1.0)

      cycle: 4
      cycle[0]: 0.0
      cycle[1]: 15.0
      cycle[2]: 0.0
      cycle[3]: 15.0

      sleep_time_start: 1410 # 23:30
      sleep_time_end: 180 # 03:00
      then, you’ll have a shorter time at that type of semaphore and only yellow flashing light during the night (Josh’s mod). Play with these numbers by your taste. And if you like multiple AI traffic and jam, then, I’ll recommend to you also a great mod made by Thalken, Multiple AI traffic 1.1:
      Like this, you’ll have a traffic like in real life, with many undisciplined drivers and will be not so easy to drive. ;)… That’s why I like it so much Josh’s mod! Much closer to real life traffic situations!;)… If he’ll succeed to turn of the yellow flashing light during the night then will be perfect, but it’s not a must, because it’s already like in real life (at least, in my country)!;)

  9. I forgot to mention that if you’ll delete the middle values from “interval”, then you’ll turn off the yellow flashing traffic light! But, unfortunately will be off also during the day!;)… So, you’ll have only red and green light during the day and no lights during the night, which it’s also like in real life (at least in my country where not all semaphores have yellow light)… Maybe, Josh will figure out how to keep also yellow light during the day, because I don’t have patience play with those numbers!:)… Personally I use Josh’s mod and when I’m boring mine (“broken” traffic light, red-green light during the day and no lights at night and less time for all semaphores, except roadworks!).
    Warning! If you’ll combine and use red-green lights (no lights during night) with less time for semaphores and also with Thalken’s mod (Multiple AI Traffic), then you’ll find very often in jam traffic situations! Personally I like it like this, because it’s hard to drive in those situations and it’s much closer to real life! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck and drive safe!;)

  10. Again I forgot to mention! Mea culpa (my fault)!:)… If you’ll change in “semaphore_profile.sii”, the “dynamic: false” (without quotes) into “dynamic: true”, when you’ll bump into a semaphore then you’ll see it how to fall down (like in real life!:) God forbid, in real life, to bump into it!:) But, some of drivers, sometimes, “parked” their cars into a semaphore or a pillar). Personally, I like it like this!;)…

  11. I made a mistake! Change the “dynamic” values from “semaphore_model.sii” (without quotes, of course), not from “semaphore_profile”.

  12. Drive Safely

    This is actually a really good mod. Not only does it make traffic lights flash yellow at night in some areas for an efficient flow of traffic, it also adjusts the time the traffic lights stay yellow (about 3 seconds) at other times. This is quite slower than SCS’ lights and is also more realistic – you’ll find yourself not having to emergency stop for the traffic lights more often or getting red light offences.

  13. Hi, Josh. I already wrote on Thalken’s mod ( about how to make only red and green light and (still) yellow flash light at night, so I’ll won’t repeat it here. Maybe you’ll have more patience and time to try and test more values (because, I don’t) and make a new realistic traffic pack mod, with each one as separate “.scs” files. For instance:
    – traffic off (day and night) -> if you’ll change with zero all values, from:
    interval[]: (0.0,0.0, 0.0, 0.0)

    cycle: 4
    cycle[0]: 0.0
    cycle[1]: 0.0
    cycle[2]: 0.0
    cycle[3]: 0.0

    you’ll obtain this mod;

    – only red and green by day and yellow flash during night;
    – less time for transitions between colors etc.
    Take care and keep up the great and hard work, Josh!

    1. I already try but, this very unsafe for driving in some area. But I now try to add some sign in traffic light for safe crossing

      1. Yep. I know, but, personally, I like it to drive in hard conditions and I also don’t have time and patience to try more numbers. But, your idea, Josh, it’s much better than mine and I’ll wait your next patches. Keep up the great and hard work, Josh.

        1. Hi, bro this my mod. only one traffic light Death .

          now under Construction . Maybe only 4 or 5 city i do like this

  14. trucklovers99


  15. Good news, i’ll update soon after i update to ets 1.26.x . And i just start some secret project for traffic light ๐Ÿ˜€ ,but for secret project maybe late update.
    Bad news, maybe this last my mod ๐Ÿ™ .

  16. Real Traffic Lights are on 24/7. They turn red on all if there is no traffic and changes to green if traffic is coming. The Lights isn’s timed like in ets2 it’s all depends on where traffic is coming from and by how much. It would never be green light for a empty road. At least this is how traffic lights work in Sweden, to keep traffic flowing efficient.

    1. yeah… now on my country now same work 24/7 never flashing on the night.

      btw i discontinued this mod and other mod because i not play this again and i think all traffic light now same no need mod โœŒ .

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