Red LED Interior Lighting Tuning Mod 1.42

We have on offer an super bright Red LED bulb kit for HSCS trucks And Wagon
2x – Front Parkers
1x – Ignition Barrel
4x – Map Lights
1x – Glovebox
2x – Boot
2x – Number Plate
Game Version:
1.31.* or above



5 thoughts on “Red LED Interior Lighting Tuning Mod 1.42

  1. AvM Transport

    v1.31 & above?
    So it’s don’t work
    in v1.40 & above?

  2. AvM Transport

    def’s of 2016
    mat’s of 2016
    pmg’s of 2016
    flare’s of 2016
    unit \ hookup of 2016

    manifest | mod_description | mod_image of 2021


  3. Trash mod

  4. Dieser Dreck ist Müll alt schrott
    drinnen zu hell draußen sieht man garnichts mehr

  5. Best mod!
    Pliz add suport on Volvo 3rd generation:

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