Refresh Icons Menu V10

Restyle , some new icons , some fixes etc.
Final touch.

Enjoy 🙂



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14 thoughts on “Refresh Icons Menu V10

  1. the mouse pointer disappears.

    1. ciprriano

      I fixed and reuploaded , sorry for incovenience

  2. perfect08

    Not showing in mod manager after latest update.

  3. Any chance you make an ATS version

    1. ciprriano

      I just tested this in ATS v1.32.3s and it work without problems. It’s the same menu.

      1. quando a versao 11

  4. yeah but the truck icon is bugging me.. i am ocd about things like that.

    1. ciprriano

      Done and uploaded on ATS mod site.

      1. Which site exactly? been searching other mod sites and and not seeing anything yet.

        1. ciprriano

 , strange they haven’t put yet , here is download link

  5. 1.33 pls update 🙂

  6. pls update 1.33

  7. Thank’s
    but problem viewing font with 1.33

  8. i had the same problem, just replace the font texture with this one in the font folder.

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