Rehunubo’s Economy Mod Pack

Rehunubo's-Economy-1 Rehunubo's-Economy-3 Rehunubo's-Economy-2

This mod replaces all default economy…

List (and examples) on some changes:

1. Fines are very high, increased almost three-fold (ex. fine for car crash is 5000 euros)
2. Fine for running for red light – 2800 euros
3. Bank loan raised (minimum is 500.000 euros)
4. Truck damage increased
5. XP (parking XP, no damage XP) increased
6. Garage update and buying is cheaper
7. Selling the truck refund is 85% (before it was 35%)
8. After buying 1 truck from car dealer you can purchase new truck by online (before the minimum was 5) etc.

Use the mod to discover new changes!

Author: Ailar Kaljurand (rehunubo)


3 Responses to Rehunubo’s Economy Mod Pack

  1. Jaws09 says:

    Great job but one thing I like to ask is how u can do that because I like to pay hight prices on things

  2. micky says:

    Das Spiel wird nicht geladen

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