Rehunubo’s new truck drivers icons


New Hollywood/USA and Europe actors and actresses drivers icons. It replaces all default male and female driver’s icons.

To see full list of used actors and actresses in this mod, go to

Ailar Kaljurand


7 thoughts on “Rehunubo’s new truck drivers icons

  1. legalaz29

    not working link

  2. Try again, both links (WWW link and download link) working fine for me. If the problem occurs, write me [email protected] and I will give you alternative temporary link

  3. What now?

    Password Locked 🙁

    1. Disgusting

      went to….not passworded..

      ..checked file, someone had apparently moved a file out of the packaged and password zipped it.. so suspicious almost could be the work of OP..or the site, can’t figure out which is worse..

      1. Also I checked the .zip file and everything seems to be OK – only .scs archive is password protected, this must be like this

      2. What is OP?

    2. Hi!

      Mod file is passworded because one particular ETS 2 modsite used my mods and they moved Readme/credits file out of the packages. It is password protected, but in the game it works. And only .scs (mod file) is password protected, not .zip file

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