[REL] Border improvements pack for The Great Steppe 1.2 [1.35]

This mods rebuilds old border pass in The Great Steppe 1.2

1. The Great Steppe 1.2 mod
2. RusMap 1.9.0 or RusMap mod

Install help:
1.Click the download button
2. Download the .scs file and place it into your mod folder
3. In mod manager place it anywhere between The Great Steppe and RusMap



7 Responses to [REL] Border improvements pack for The Great Steppe 1.2 [1.35]

  1. Mark Tempe says:

    “Great Steppe” Map for 1.35 doesn’t exist.
    A combination of “RusMap” and “Great Steppe” only works on
    game- version 1.31.

    • CrashCZ says:

      That’s what the official The Great Topic thread says, but in reality you can play with RusMap and The Greate Steppe on 1.35 without any noticable problems.

    • CrashCZ says:

      Acording to official info provided by The Great Steppe autor yes, but if you try to load The Great Steppe with RusMap on 1.35 the game won’t crash and there also won’t be any noticable problems.

    • iTzSplashed says:

      It works fine with 1.35..

  2. losevo58 says:


  3. morris12345 says:

    No problem at 1.35 here my video:

  4. Mark Tempe says:

    I ‘ve seen.
    Excuse me please.
    It works under 1.35!
    Is anywhere a road- connection between “Grest Steppe” and “Russian Open Spaces” for 1.35xx?

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