Renault Magnum Recovery

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Renault Magnum Recovery Truck][
Tested 1.16 version

Authors: Laxi, SCS


10 Responses to Renault Magnum Recovery

  1. townterrier says:

    ok, looks good, but where is the scs file? i open the rar but theres just 2 folders only in it, no scs to add to mod folder, just vehicle and def. why not make it into scs file may i ask

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      Put the rar in the mod folder and Start the Game.

      • Walter Plinge says:

        Or change .RAR to .SCS

        • Laxi says:

          Game “reads” .zip (my mod is in ZIP format!) as well as .scs, so you don’t need to do anything except puting .zip file in mod folder.

  2. Leez_Dee says:

    if your wheels dont appear and truck doesnt move.. save game and reload that save then it wil load wheels and truck will move. it says in video.. just for those who didnt watch the video

  3. Paťo 735 says:

    Can you create MAN too, please ? 🙂

  4. LEWISSSVK says:

    MY WHEELS :3 😀

  5. Джон says:

    Evocator in fact

  6. sam richards says:

    really good model and truck but I cant find a mod so I can tow something like a broken truck or trailer or something. if anyone or the author knows off a mod that works with this Renault link me 😀

  7. Space Cam says:

    if the wheel dont load save the game and reload game, listen up dude if you making a mod do it good and done. if the mod if done properly one does not have to be reloading game for parts to work…. by the way what is the tow truck for what is one going to use it for…. you need to make a garage where one can see all their truck collection instead of these waste of time mods that only takes up space….. peace out.

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