Renault Magnum + Trailer


– Real link
– LT mod
– Nice textures
– Private mod
– Trailer
– Animated trailer
– Wheels

Author: Domas225


7 thoughts on “Renault Magnum + Trailer

  1. FAKE

  2. Veteranas

    He say real link :DDD its funny becouse your all uploaded mods is fake…. i get it you need points to sharemods… but you are little ####### maybe one day someone caught and beat you. 🙂

    1. How funny ,#####!

  3. The magnum doesn’t work. The game crashes. 1.15.1.

  4. Dafak? Viskas veikia. Nemokat pasileisti? Jūsų problema man viskas veikė kuo puikiausiai. Nemokat Lietuviškai? Taip pat jūsų bėda.

    1. Šitas geras ,galvojo taip pat!

  5. willemhaapsalu

    The magnum doesn’t work. This mod can’t be corrected, the archive of files is password-protected. It is a pity :((

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