Renault Magnum + Trailer


– Real link
– LT mod
– Nice textures
– Private mod
– Trailer
– Animated trailer
– Wheels

Author: Domas225


7 Responses to Renault Magnum + Trailer

  1. leha85 says:


  2. Veteranas says:

    He say real link :DDD its funny becouse your all uploaded mods is fake…. i get it you need points to sharemods… but you are little ####### maybe one day someone caught and beat you. 🙂

  3. jdwarfer says:

    The magnum doesn’t work. The game crashes. 1.15.1.

  4. Domas225 says:

    Dafak? Viskas veikia. Nemokat pasileisti? Jūsų problema man viskas veikė kuo puikiausiai. Nemokat Lietuviškai? Taip pat jūsų bėda.

  5. willemhaapsalu says:

    The magnum doesn’t work. This mod can’t be corrected, the archive of files is password-protected. It is a pity :((

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