Renault Major 1990-1996


The authors of the original vertices: Paffalek, KarolDriver,
Konvert, edit, definitions: Antique
Sounds used Kru129
Thanks for Ekualizer for help in correcting errors Smile
Thanks also are due to Robertas14, which improved animations Smile.

Interior – yes.
Anims – yes.
Tuning -yes.
Sounds – yes.


11 Responses to Renault Major 1990-1996

  1. Antique says:

    Where is my original description? Please change it for original with links to my account YT and my fanpage.

  2. ramses says:

    its standalone?

  3. Madatij says:

    Truck is standalone.

    p.s.: Why do some mods work in older game versions and some don’t (like this one)? And all are 1.8.x tested…

  4. Antique says: this is official video of this modification.

  5. @dr_jaymz says:

    its standalone. its a beta version? still have some bugs (mirrors, screenshield, dashboard lights and animations, shadows)

  6. Volvodriver says:

    Wow!! this truck is amazing! Brings back good memory’s we used to have them at our company. We had 2 majors from 1993 with the thick steering wheels and REALLY comfortable chairs. we had a lot of electronical difficulty’s with it though:P and when you used the blinkers they wont go out by themselves haha very fast truck to we made it to 135 KP/H did it in my pants:D definatly downloading yours thank you! guys like you keep the game interesting! Greetings from Holland

  7. Volvodriver says:

    can you also make the tags on the door wich indicate the amount of horsepower? And there are some bugs in the interior but wow! i hope to see this project make good progress. Again thanks!

  8. Antique says: here is newest version đŸ™‚

    • shoofer says:

      Hey dude,can i edit this mod?for repair some small bugs and add metallic color,paint job,Lightmask & Tuning Parts for interior & exterior ??

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