Renault Megane 4 V1R6 (1.34)

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Changelog :
Log spam fix
Minor def changes

trzpro, yellow1441


7 thoughts on “Renault Megane 4 V1R6 (1.34)

  1. can you make an mercedes benz c220 cdi 2011 kombi or mercedes benz c63 amg kombi ??

  2. SprtTuning

    Hello. Good mod! Can you please make a Toyota Yaris first generation mod? Thanks for reply

  3. This mod is already posted on this site, but I will also list the things that is wrong with this mod. 170HP engine does not have any sound and the hood from the interior is always white, no matter what colour you make the car. The car also is not working with Custom Colours, Police Skins and Pilot Skins are not working. Very disappointed with this mod using the Skoda base. Overall body is very well made and has a high quality material. This cant be said for the interior of the car.

  4. LENN_4956

    R.I.P thi is not a Renault Megane this is a Renault Talisman XD

    1. You can R.I.P… This is Mégane… Talisman got different rear lights

  5. Canın yerem erzurumli

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