Renault Megane IV (2018) – FIX 1.31

Dealer fix for Renault Megane IV (2018).

You can buy it in all truck dealers.

BR Mods, Ghost99, SCS


7 thoughts on “Renault Megane IV (2018) – FIX 1.31

  1. It’s Euro TRUCK Simulator 2….not Euro Car Simulator…
    Go make it for GTA V or some other games with CARS!!!

    1. Ton commentaire ne sert a rien tu te plein de mod ets voiture tu lui dis de faire des mods plutôt sur d’autres jeu déjà il le fera pas tu lui parle mal et le gars ne sais peut-etre pas faire des mods sur GTA alors laisse le gars faire des mods sur ets

  2. ets2modtester

    man.. all of these salty people whining over these car mods, leave them alone and let them make what they want…. it dsnt matter cars are cool aswell for this game, not just trucks

  3. can+not+find+the+car+now+!!!+why+not+?!

  4. WOW!
    I made car an you unlocked scs, edited car and didn’t add my name in credits? Sht…

  5. iechan shin

    file not found please file

  6. Hüseyin k.

    1.40 sürümü için güncelleme yapılacak mı

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