Renault Premium Accessory & Re-rendered Textures v 1.2

Renault-Premium-Accessory-1 Renault-Premium-Accessory-2 Renault-Premium-Accessory-3

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Tested on with no error

Added Racing Interior
Added All Standard Gearboxes for Renault Premium
A More Natural Dashboard & Dashboard Lamps & Wheel Material
Alarms dashboard red light at a maximum engine speed
Added Interriol Reflection
Added two shoe boxes for Renault
A More Natural Small Light Pack
Added Flare To Small Light Pack
Turn on lights in Cabin
Added Ventilated Sunshield
Added Glass Sunshield
Added UV Channel Map 2 & 3 for Sunshield
Added Icons for All the Added Accessories in This Pack
Added a paintjob for painting the top and bottom separately
Added Label Renault
Fixed All graphical errors

File is not locked For Editors
This is latest version of the mod

For the better:


Changes in 1.1 :
– Fixed engine badge material
– Fixed sunshield reflaction
– Small fixes

Changes in 1.0
re-render the texture body and some others
interior lightmap rendered
fixed truck height
fixed hook point
fixed other bugs and mistakes
turn on all lights
dashboard Red light reflection around
added wheels renault premium
added bumpers plastic and colored
added front grill plastic and default
added headlight plastic and default
added ability to install and remove spoiler for normal cab and higher
added wing colored and default for all chassis
added air horn renault premium
added Place for installation small lights
added Place for installation lights on sunshield
added Place for installation beacon on roof
added 6 LED small lights
added engine badge
added plastic mirror
added some color renault_premium
actions changes on truck company & uk & truck_dealer & uk & truck_desktop & uk
more natural materials
more natural textures
templates are healthy
mod manager ready
compatible with dlc cabin

Author: Nice 2000


21 Responses to Renault Premium Accessory & Re-rendered Textures v 1.2

  1. Maciek says:

    Runs on version 1.22

  2. MakinDamage says:

    It’s very good but the blue lamp on the RPM’s indicator must be on only when the retarder is on and when the retarder comes off the blue lamp must too to be off

    • Nice 2000 says:

      I noticed, yeees, Thanks for the information, But I will not Work this again, the other editors can do this
      But the materials are damaged after Export
      Glass ext Material & in red wheel
      The two a backup

      • GeoSyll says:

        You’re lazy. It’s your mod, when someone finds a mistake, you should fix it.

  3. MakinDamage says:

    Too can you make this sound for the turn signals. in the video you can hear it from 0:16

  4. thegamingpilot says:

    don’t know how to download plz help

  5. chatdoz says:

    Clik on left :”FREE DOWNLOAD” (under “low speed” ring)

    On the next page,clik on : ” Create Download Link” in right bottom

    and finally clik “Download” on the next page

  6. Hossein says:

    Awesome MOD!! Thanks! 🙂

  7. Damian says:

    bad! the steering wheel from the driver’s left CONTINUE to be too inclined

  8. Simon says:

    My interior is very strange 🙁 it is purple and green and blue, black. not good

  9. smr says:

    Please repair the height where you attach trailers

  10. BANSHEE says:

    With template?

  11. truckers says:

    svp on veu ce mod sur tou les phares chromé sur la version 1.30 !merçi

  12. Darsh71 says:

    salut, tu ne fais plus ce mod a jour stp ?? je serais bien content de le retrouver pour la 1.33 a la place de la bouse de schumi

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