Renault Premium Lander


– Strandalone
– Renault Dealer
– Interior With DLC Cabin
– Tuning

Tested 1.22, not worked 1.23!!!

Егор Егоров


4 thoughts on “Renault Premium Lander

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Interior not work Fix it !
    – Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/vehicle/truck/renault_premium_1997/interior/’
    – Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/dxi/lander.pmd
    – Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.
    – Falling back to first variant and look for interior model. Expect Problems
    – Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘motor_brake’ of unit ‘dc13_400.renault.lander.engine’
    and many more errors

  2. Auther: Kirill Tversloy. No Egor Egorov

    1. Что-за лох?

  3. please make a new good update ! i love Landers, it was my old real truck ! 🙂

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