Renault Radiance Reworked


Renault Radiance by ETS2MOD Reworked by American-Express
– Glass reworked
– Shadow reworked
– Chrome reworked
– Now you can change the color of the truck 🙂

Adapted for 1.25.X version but many upgrade soon

Problem not resolved:
– Lightmask for light
– Flare

American-Express & ETS2MOD


6 Responses to Renault Radiance Reworked

  1. losevo58 says:

    Снова древний хлам пытаются выдать за переделанную модель для ETS2 1.25.хх.
    Again ancient trash trying to pass off a reworked model for ETS2 1.25.hh

  2. Zelezyka says:

    losevo58 спасибо друг!

  3. morris12345 says:

    Does not work in version 1.25 is an old mod.

  4. JNR-SNRSenior says:

    Crashed as soon as I went into dealer. No other mods were installed.

  5. micheldeutscher says:

    You do me a Favor ,bring back my Fat Lady THX.
    THX 4 Update the Mod 4 1.25 .

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