Renault Range T Transalliance Skin

Renault-Range-T-Transalliance-(2) Renault-Range-T-Transalliance-(1)

Transalliance Skin for Renault Range T Truck
Tested version 1.23.x

* Respect the download link *

Author: Fred_be


8 thoughts on “Renault Range T Transalliance Skin

  1. AlwaysLuuk

    download link truck?

  2. Wrong version number 🙂

    Also, why you share mods? This was made but hard working people and you give out for free.

    1. Usually I would agree man but they charge 10 dollars for it. Their other trucks are listed for 25 USD. That is insane. That is more expensive than the entire game when it’s on sale. If the trucks were listed for reasonable prices I would buy it but they’re just asking for it to be uploaded for free when they ask for such pathetic prices. I would pay between 3 – 5 bucks for a quality truck. Which this truck isn’t by the way. The interior gauges are just a copy of the default Renault.

  3. It’s weird that it works with me. Can not you see photos ????
    Always criticize and especially those who are no mod.

  4. if you paid for the mod in this case this truck it then belongs to you and you can do what you like with it because you own it just like in real life if you paid for a car its yours not the people who make it so again you can do what you wanted with it.

  5. You can try this truck with the skin works >>>

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