Renault Range T

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– Standalone.
– purchased in the showroom of Renault.
– 2 cabins.
– Many variants of the chassis, including BDF.
– Your tuning.
– Its own interior.
– Their sounds.
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories.
– There are two of their own autonomous trailers to the BDF chassis.



28 thoughts on “Renault Range T

  1. Lilo is Good

    Another “upload by visitor” mod, better skip this one

    1. SimAviation

      Great mod, however the passenger side mirror need adjusting as no matter how much you adjust it you can’t adjust it enough to see the truck. apart from that love it

  2. So far so good,Mod is nice Great sound BUT:
    [baked_model] Too many indices in ‘chassis’ (101262) for material ‘/vehicle/truck/renault_range_t_new/chs_4x_white.mat’
    00:07:43.225 : [baked_model] Pieces using same material ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/renault_range_t_new/shadowonly.mat’ and parameter packets have different vertex buffer layout {size: 36, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected]} vs {size: 44, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected], .tex_coord_1:[email protected]}
    00:07:43.225 : [baked_model] Creation of ‘cabin’ baked model failed
    00:07:52.551 : [baked_model] Too many indices in ‘chassis’ (101262) for material ‘/vehicle/truck/renault_range_t_new/chs_4x_white.mat’
    00:07:52.551 : [baked_model] Pieces using same material ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/renault_range_t_new/shadowonly.mat’ and parameter packets have different vertex buffer layout {size: 36, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected]} vs {size: 44, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected], .tex_coord_1:[email protected]}
    [baked_model] Too many indices in ‘chassis’ (101262) for material ‘/vehicle/truck/renault_range_t_new/chs_4x_white.mat’
    00:07:16.256 : [baked_model] Pieces using same material ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/renault_range_t_new/shadowonly.mat’ and parameter packets have different vertex buffer layout {size: 36, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected]} vs {size: 44, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected], .tex_coord_1:[email protected]}
    00:07:16.256 : [baked_model] Creation of ‘cabin’ baked model failed

  3. Schöner Wagen und Sound ,nur er Hackt etwas und die Kabel Zufuhr ist nicht gegeben . Schade Vielleicht kann man den Wagen etwas Bearbeiten damit er Flüssiger wird

    1. wie und wo fügt man die hinzu bei ets 2

  4. nektarios543

    wait a minute is that a trade of trucks mod?

    1. yep

    2. DAF Trucker GER


  5. Stolen mod… Everyone report

  6. Trade of Trucks mod?

    1. DAF Trucker GER


  7. There is no adaptation for 1.31.

  8. patrice sabourault


  9. Kenny Truck.

    test mod

  10. Super mod !

  11. Ha-ha, my stolen dashboard for Polati Range-T 😀

  12. papaghostPT

    well this mod is stolen? im gone remove my video for now because i respect the Author and for the good of comunity 🙂

    1. I don’t say about video, I say about dashboard on-board computer mod that I was made for Polatlı Renault Range-T
      from here

      Yes. I stop share my mods for community, but I can’t stop playing this this game. Here many reasons from SCS 1.31 “not a bugs” till fighing with SCS staff for all bugs, that I found in game and I don’t see reaction from SCS – no feedback.
      I don’t want to be Don Quijote, who of fighting with SCS windmill.

      1. papaghostPT

        I did not refer to you Piva but in general everybody says that it is a mod that was stolen and you say that are using your dasbord without your authorization I thought its better remove my video and thanks for the excellent mods that you do dont stop pls 😉

  13. Bug in mirrors

  14. please mirror left update

    1. You did not understand: STOLEN MOD(S) !!!

  15. how to install

  16. Can you make a template for this

  17. The passenger side mirror is a bug

  18. How to install?

  19. this is the best renault range t mod 🙂

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