Republic of Moldova Map Project v 0.2 RC3

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– First interpretation of the Republic of Moldova in Euro Truck Simulator 2
– Map concept link:
– Current released version (v0.2 RC2) contains southern part of the country, with districts Cahul, Cantemir, Taraclia, Leova, Hincesti
and Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia. Next versions will expand the map to the
north as well as the unrecognized separatist Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria);
– Realistic map scaling, the time & distance driven on this map are ALMOST
equal to their real-life analogs.
– Custom models, road sign textures, billboards, no custom companies yet,
expect them in the coming versions;
– Custom vehicle license plates (realistic);
– Standalone map, no DLC required;
– Tested on game version 1.21.1.s.

– The map fully supports ETS2 1.21;
– Added Hîncești city;
– Added Sărata Nouă, Seliște, Sărăteni, Cneazevca, Sărata Galbenă, Mereșeni villages on R34;
– Fixed the trailer license plate bug;
– Fixed red textured trailers;
– Added FLD prefabs/models;
– Added traffic signs by zeppelin3;
– Minor bug fixes.

1) Download the .zip archive, containing 3 essential map files:
– Moldova_Map_DEF&MAT.scs
– Moldova_Map_MODEL.scs
– Moldova_Map_MBD.scs
2) Copy these 3 files to “C:UsersDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod”
3) Launch Euro Truck Simulator 2
4) Create a NEW profile, open “Mod Manager”, enable 3 ESSENTIAL FILES of the mod;
5) Set the playing module from “Europe” to “Moldova.mbd”
6) Have fun!

Author: Barrett_killz (Map editing, definitions, main developer)


17 thoughts on “Republic of Moldova Map Project v 0.2 RC3

  1. RoAdRuNnEr1973

    Nice Map but without Furture, like Hungary Map, because its Standalone and not Compatible with other Maps…..why don´t Map Creators Build Maps with Compatibility other Maps ?

    I can´t really not understand this……so many Work and Time for Nothing…. : (

    1. TodoMundoLocko


      1. The only problem why they arent compatible is the scale of map.
        Its more equal with real one than promods or standart map.

    2. I disagree. How could Hungary map be attached to the existing “non-standalone” maps? The scale is very different, to begin with. So what are you talking about? Not to mention completely different styling and overall quality of the map. Besides, what’s the point in driving through different countries, if the roads and everything else looks practically the same, with just massive copy-paste build? Speaking of Hungary map, it is a large map. Now, true, you can’t pass the whole of Germany within 20 minutes like in vanilla etc., but that’s life. 🙂

  2. please compatibility and complementary for others maps (TSM,MARIO MAP,PROMODS ) thank you

  3. Doesn’t work on 1.21.1 can’t chose city to start play doesn’t appair the city on map cannot start the game why ?

    1. Don’t forget to set “Moldova.mbd” as your playing module.

  4. niknor2015

    Браво, Друзья! Карта стала Расширяться и она мне Очень Понравилась! Но, ОЧЕНЬ ПЛОХО, что она НЕ Совместима с другими картами, как: PROMODS POLAND REBUILDING RUSMAP РОССИЙСКИЕ ПРОСТОРЫ. С РУССКИМИ КАРТАМИ СМОТРЕЛОСЬ БЫ ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО.

  5. The map is not compatible with any other map mods because it’s standalone as stated before. It has different scaling so it will not work with ANY other map mods.

  6. niknor2015

    Ещё бы Автобусы Молдавии Присутствовали! Тогда была бы ” бомба “!

    Совместное молдавско-белорусское предприятие по сборке автобусов МАЗ будет …

    Ещё картинки
    Посмотреть «АВТОБУСЫ МОЛДАВИИ ФОТО» в других поисковых системах: Google, Bing,

  7. Chciałbym bardzo podziękować twórcy za ten projekt za te szczegóły których brakuje innym mapąza skalę jaką nam przychodzi przejechać w innych mapach,mam nadzieję że projekt nie upadnie i będzie dalej rozwijany.

  8. Гуддбай Америка

    Сам ты блять сепаратист

  9. Lord Benjinathor

    I tried this map for a little while, and it is really nice! But there is a few little bugs and some details that kind of get my attention. For example, in some places, cars disapears. and there’s a few repetitive things like some trees in the side of the road. And also it would be appreciated that the GPS would work soon. But except for that, it’s all good, and I hope you will continue adding more!

  10. Ets 2 v1.21.1 is a map why can not select module
    please help. thanks .. I am waiting for the answer.

  11. por favor compatibilidade e complementar para outros mapas (TSM, MARIO MAP, PROMODS) obrigado

  12. Nice Map.thanks

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