Retro Mods Pack

Retro-1 Retro-3 Retro-2

In this pack:
– Cement cistern trailers ( skins from ETS )
– Krone Profiliner trailers ( skins from ETS )
– Schmitz Universal trailers ( skins from ETS )
– Compani signs from ETS
– Mercedes Actros ( MP4) skins

The mods works on 1.22.x & newest versions.

Author: azannya26


3 Responses to Retro Mods Pack

  1. Theosz says:

    Interesting. TY for sharing

  2. clown says:

    great , thanks it’s nostalgia

  3. MrGermantruck_tits says:

    Hi people!
    Only me, only with my nervous Tits.
    On my channel there is everything from priests to the chest.
    See me, put me a dollar to my PayPal account.
    I am a beggar and cunning as a German that stinking Jew!

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